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yaner 发表于 2008-3-24 12:14 PM

27th Annual Jazz Showcase Concert

Hi everyone,<br>The 27th Annual Jazz Showcase Concert is coming up, I strongly recommend to those who are interested in music, wanna have some time off for relaxing, wanna hear awesome jazz music! It's FREE!<br><br>Time: Tuesday, March 25 2008 at 8:00pm<br>Place: Bowker Auditorium (it's on campus, check the campus map if needed)<br><br>If you are happen to be free, please COME!!!!! I am sure you will have amazing time there! DANCE TO IT!<br>Let me know if you enjoy it! :) <br><br>yan<br><br>

zoe 发表于 2008-3-24 12:22 PM

:haocool :ding:

k4knight 发表于 2008-3-24 10:36 PM

:ding2: :ding2: :ding2: :ding2: :ding2: :ding2:

Zerk 发表于 2008-3-24 10:37 PM


inuyasha 发表于 2008-3-24 10:46 PM


那一片俗 发表于 2008-3-24 11:20 PM



chao 发表于 2008-3-24 11:21 PM

ding ah

那一片俗 发表于 2008-3-24 11:22 PM


Zerk 发表于 2008-3-26 05:53 AM


inuyasha 发表于 2008-3-26 08:51 AM

<P>[quote]原帖由 <I>Zerk</I> 于 2008-3-26 06:53 AM 发表 <A href=";pid=126084&amp;ptid=10088" target=_blank><IMG alt="" src="" border=0></A> 都有谁去了?很棒吧? [/quote]</P>
<P>很赞<IMG alt="" src="" border=0 smilieid="99"> </P>

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