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chao 发表于 2009-7-20 08:10 PM


<p>刚看到的,留个记录</p><p>p.s. hotwire和priceline上买的机票此rule不apply</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Just booked an airline ticket and realize you made a mistake? Or,
pulled the trigger and realized maybe you shouldn't take that dream
vacation just yet? No problem. Most U.S-based airlines have a written
policy that allows you to cancel your reservation fee-free, if done
within 24 hours of booking. Other airlines have a 24-hour HOLD policy,
which enables you to place a reservation on hold, allowing you some
extra time before making the purchase. Here is a summary:</p><p>-Southwest
Airlines: (no link) 24 hour cancellation policy. Beyond 24 hours,
Southwest does not charge a change fee, allowing you to hold as travel
credit up to a year from date of purchase.<br>-<a href=";mid=13993714&amp;url=" target="_blank">Continental Airlines</a>: 24-hour cancellation policy<br>-<a href=";mid=13993714&amp;url=" target="_blank">U.S. Airways</a>: 24-hour HOLD policy <br>-<a href=";mid=13993714&amp;url=" target="_blank">Virgin America</a>: 24-hour cancellation policy<br>-<a href=";mid=13993714&amp;url=" target="_blank">Delta</a> Airlines: Cancellation until midnight the next day. <br>-<a href=";mid=13993714&amp;url=,6722,52184,00.html" target="_blank">United Airlines</a>: 24-hour cancellation policy<br>-<a href=";mid=13993714&amp;url=" target="_blank">American Airlines</a>: 24-hour HOLD policy.</p>

Annabelle 发表于 2009-7-20 10:22 PM

good to know!!!

manfeishi 发表于 2009-7-20 11:07 PM



tianzhihen 发表于 2009-7-21 12:46 PM


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