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Mandy 发表于 2006-9-13 12:34 PM

GEO membership meeting (Sept 14) and Social (Sept 15)

1. Do join the GEO membership meeting tomorrow (Sept 14) at 6pm in Campus Center 917.  We'll elect our bargaining committee for bargaining the GEO contract 2007-2010.  I've invited our CSSA president, Zhan Gong (Mike), to come to the meeting, and hopefully he can be elected as one of the bargaining committee members to help voice out Chinese/minority student employees' needs.

Please come if you have time to support our president, and you can also nominate yourself if you're interested.

There will be free food, and Childcare will be provided if needed.  Please email Mimi Domeki at [email][email protected][/email] if you need childcare during the meeting.

2. GEO will hold a social in Grad Lounge on this Friday at 4pm.  Do come, enjoy the free food provided by People's Market, and social with other graduate students!

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andrew 发表于 2006-9-13 04:49 PM

ding ding ding!

magicll 发表于 2006-9-13 04:56 PM

Mike +U+U~


together 发表于 2006-9-13 09:46 PM


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