A comfortable bedroom and study room in Hadley for sublease

A bedroom and a study room in a huge two-story private house are available for sublease from May 29 to August 4. You will share the house with two nice American doctoral students, one is a guy, and the other is a girl. Both are pretty quiet, mature (middle age), reasonable, and progressive. Less than 5 minutes' driving to Southwest residential area, 12 minutes if you ride a bicycle, 25 minutes if you walk. Use google to map the location (36 Roosevelt Street, Hadley, MA01035). The rent is $250 plus utilities per month if you want to take turns to mow the lawn (every two weeks in the summer), $300 if you don't want to do that. The rooms are on the second floor. You will get high-speed wireless internet connection, basic cable plan (including ESPN-2, good for World Cup), a Sealy Queen-Size bed, two study tables, book shelf, TV, DVD, VCR, TV stand, a genuine leather char, two other chairs, and if necessary, a used laptop during the sublease. Walk-in closet. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer, food storage room, and a couple of learning commons rooms are located on the first floor. No pets, no visitors for accomodation. Please respond to [email protected] ASAP. Interview will begin immediately and continue until rooms are filled. No reference required. Pictures can be availavle per request.

you got a pretty long vacation, hehe