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标题: 几个电话号码 [打印本页]

作者: freei    时间: 2007-4-18 09:09 AM     标题: 几个电话号码

算是资讯类的吧,挺有用的,存手机里,拨打也不收费 不知道算不算旧新闻,不过挺有用的,特别是你在外面,想查某个business,比如costco, cinemark..之类的电话, 直接给你connect到那个号码, 1-800-Free-411是人工查询, 是以前的服务,google新推出的是1-800-GOOG-411 If you like 1-800-FREE-411 you will surely like the new service from Google. Google just recently released this service in beta at 1-800-GOOG-411. Based on early reviews its supposed to be much better than the 1-800-FREE-411 service. Check out further details at The product is completely automated and there is no way to talk to a human for additional or clarifying information. 还有一个价钱比较的zz, 就是说你在店里,看上了某个东西,想知道网上价钱是多少, 可以打这个电话 FruCall - Comparison Shopping On Your Cellphone Frucall Logo Most people know about online price comparison websites like Froogle or PriceGrabber, but what if you’re actually in a physical store and you need to find out if a price is good or not? Enter FruCall, which lets you find out the prices online, including shipping to your zip code, by calling them at 1-888-DO-FRUCALL and entering the UPC barcode number. I gave it a test run: First, I had to find a box with a UPC code… Fruit Loops? Nah, not very online-friendly. Hmmm… what have I bought recently. Okay, how about my All About Asset Allocation Book? On the back of the book, the retail price says $18.95. UPC Code: 9-780071-429580 Frucall says… prices about $12-$18 new. $14-$21 used including shipping. Best price from for $12. Actual price was $11.58 + .97 shipping = $12.55 Pricegrabber says… Best price at for $11.70 + $1.40 shipping = $13.10. Froogle says… It listed both Wal-mart and Overstock prices, without shipping info. had the lowest before-shipping price, of $11.08. Plus $2.40 shipping brought the total to $13.48 though. I’m not sure how they expect to make money, but I’m betting it involves getting your phone number. Shrug. I won’t register, but they already have my number via Caller ID. I know because on my 2nd call I didn’t have to enter my zip code for shipping quotes again. Overall, not ground-breaking, but it delivers on what it promises and seems worth an add to the cell phone. Extra information is always good, and you can weigh any price difference vs. getting it now (along with the possibly more generous return policy of brick and mortar stores). If you haven’t already, I’ve also found 1-800-FREE-411 a very useful number to have programmed in your phone for free directory assistance. Thanks to reader A for the heads up on Frucall. 最后一个也是一个free的service.. 1-800-555-TELL - Looking for local movie showtimes? Sports news? Driving directions? Stock quotes? Try TellMe. I use this a lot to kill time when waiting around for friends.
作者: chao    时间: 2007-4-18 09:20 AM

作者: Nirvana    时间: 2007-4-18 09:22 AM

chao, 你越来越惹人怜爱了
原帖由 chao 于 2007-4-18 09:20 AM 发表 freei太好了,:cry:

作者: 马甲    时间: 2007-4-18 09:25 AM

作者: inuyasha    时间: 2007-4-18 09:26 AM

记下来,记下了 发现这边的报警电话是911,国内的火警就是119;这边电话号码查询是411,国内就是114,有关联吗?
作者: caoyicen    时间: 2007-4-18 09:45 AM

作者: zoe    时间: 2007-4-18 11:19 AM

原帖由 inuyasha 于 2007-4-18 09:26 AM 发表 记下来,记下了 发现这边的报警电话是911,国内的火警就是119;这边电话号码查询是411,国内就是114,有关联吗?

作者: 满弓刀    时间: 2007-4-18 01:29 PM

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